The Power Plant

A long time ago Skog had a lake where the boys could swim–or at least a dam. The creek was dammed up where the ravine where steepest and deepest.
The waterfall was used to produce electricity.

Mårten Risberg, Harry Granlund, Ivan och Sten after a swin in the summer of 1940.

The dam seen downstreem the creek. The height of the water vas 22 m (72 ft).

Three beutyful ladies posing in front of the power plant house. The builders has mounted the scaffolding. Behind it the reservoir.
They were proud. Not many had electricity here in those days. And if you wanted it you had to make it yourself.

– 1921 the first powerplant was built. But a heavy spring flood ruined the dam and the company went bankrupt.
– One year later a new dam was built.
– That power plant provided the village with power til 1949.

Stanley Almqvist


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