The Baking Cottage in Skog

The village community buit this baking cottage in traditional log house style.

Inside it’s warm and friendly. Soft flatbread is baked according the local tradition and recipe.
The lady to the right, Elisabet Wäcklén, is a descendant of Alfred Grahn. The other two is married into the same family.

The men is often responsible for heating up the owen and to bake the caces. Here Jörgen Almquist, a descendant of Alfred Grahn.

Café Skogsblommorna (Flowers in the Wood) in Skog

The café with the tasty cheese rusks is open weekends all around the year.

The Kåta building in Skog

Down by the creek there is a kåta–the tipi like hut that the native people used.
Inside the kåta it is warm and cosy. The man is Gunnar Nilsson, a descendant of Alfred Grahn.

The Community center i Skog

The center was built by the villagers in the 1940s.

Fleemarket on the dance flor summer of 2011.

Photo: Stanley Almqvist

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