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Welcome to the Skog and Mark homepage. It’s an expression of love for this place and the landscape of Lapland, Sweden.

Me, taking pictures in the village.

Skog is the origin of the Grahn family, now spread both in Sweden and in the US. That’s why we are trying to make some content available in english.
The funny part is that in swedish Skog means forest and Grahn means spruce. So welcome Spruce family to your Forest.

The village looks like som many other small villages in Sweden: Red houses with white windows and corners. Barns and meadows without livestock.


Skog is situated in the vast forests of the Scandinavian peninsula, not far from Norway, exactly in the middle between the Atlantic ocean and the gulf of Bothnia.

In the west there is a nature reserve of one of the greatest wetlands and swamps in Europe.


The big picture shows that Skog is south of the arctic circle, apoximately in height with Fairbanks in Alaska.
Geography grant us almost midnight sun, a lot of northern light (aurora borealis) and a lot of snow.
If it weren’t for the stream of water from the Mexican Gulf all across the Atlantic to the Norwegian coast we would have a much cooler climat.

The aeroplanes to Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Finland fly right over our heads. Please wave to us down here if you go there.


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