The Skog creek is the biggest och several creeks flowing through the village.
It have provided power to a flour mill, a saw mill, a power plant and transport of timber.
Foto: Stanley Almqvist

There are fish in the creek. Here a newly catched trout. Big enough to eat 🙂

Foto: Stanley Almqvist

Flowers in the fields

The medows are blooming in summer.

Foto: Stanley Almqvist


”Rödblära” in swedish.

”Ploppen or Daldocka” in swedish. These are growing down by the creek. Photo: Patrik Tikkanen

Oxeye daisy




Fireweed growing all over the place if one doesn’t weed them away.

Thistles. As children we played with them. Imagine they were shaving-brushes. A toy you could just pick. Juste as fun as the ”beard-moss” for use as black beard stick with fresh resin.

Tinder fungus. Children used to make toy cigarettes of these by drying them and cutting in sticks. The end of it could glow for long and the smoke could be sucked into the mouth through the pores of the fungus.

The summer sky i high and the weather is better than I rembemer from my childhood.

A wetland harvested for hay in the old days. Some hay drying racks are still left there.

The cotton grass looks soft and cosy. But the wetlands bear wittnes of hard work.

Orkids are common in Sweden, as in the whole world. Especially in the high mountains. But they are small ones like this. Ladys slipper is maybe the prettyest one.

The winter is beutyful when the moist of air freezes and get stuck to the trees.

This is what real frost look like. Foto: Jörgen Almquist

Time to pick cloud berrys!

Cloud berry picking is just as big an event as the moose hunt. Highly appreciated by the locals and an exclusive delicacy in all Scandinavia.

Cloud berry wetland.

The Ladd creek is one of the small streams running thruogh Skog.

A prey bird by the road to Lillsjöberg bearly visible on the top of this dead tree. To see the wild life you have to be very observant.

IMG_5949.JPG  IMG_5942.JPG

The house martins like to breed close to humans. And we like them even if the poop on the wall.
Lots of frogs breed in ditches and moist parts of the yard.


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