A round palt with pork filling and lingon-berry jam.

The fist sized dumpling called palt is a favorite dish in the north part of Sweden. It’s not a native dish, more a part of the swedish settlers’ culture.

The palt
It’s made of a dough containing raw minced potatoes, rye and weat flour.
Palt comes in two forms: round and flat. The round ones are filled, usually with pork meat. The flat ones are just made of dough.
We call it fat and flat. In swedish: Fet and flat.

Frying palt as a simple meal in the woods.

The palt have five lives, at least!
1 COOKED: First it’s eaten cooked in water.
2 COLD: In the middle of the night you can sneak out in the kitchen and spear a palt on a fork. Stick a few butter knobs outside to make it tasty.
3 REHEATED: Then it can be warmed up on the stove or in the micro. Just put it in water and heat up.
4 FRYED: Later on you can cut it up in dices and fry it in butter.
5 STEWED: Next stage is to stew dumplings in a frying pan. Fry them and add some cream in the pan. It will thicken and make a good stew.
That is one reason palt is cooked in the biggest pot there is. You can never make too much palt!


A lonely round palt waiting for condiments, in the form of lingon-berry jam, extra salted butter, light syrup etc.
Cut a hole in top of the palt and put the tasty condiment in the hole.
The classic drink with palt is milk, preferably with a spoonfull of lingon-berry stirred in.

The name
In Sweden palt is often called Pite-palt, to distinguish it from palt made of blood.
Another name used in Jämtland is kams.

The coma
The carbohydrate and fat bomb is famous for making people doze off. Palt coma is part of the experience.

Stanley Almqvist
palt lover